Why Our Patients Choose Us

The Easters

“I had never heard of anyone that involved or that caring and that concerned, that he would remember me as a customer since we were very new at that time.” 

Our Staff & Customers

“We pride ourselves on offering people a good experience each time they come in the door.. We have the time to have that one-on-one patient interaction”

Stanley Pharmacy Customers

“I would recommend Scott & Kelly and their staff very highly.. They know my medicines and prescriptions that I need refilled.. They take care of all the hard work.”

The Stanley's

“We wanted individualized, personalized care for every individual that came in our business.. We have a staff that has a heart for people and if you’ve never experienced that, we’d love for you to come by.” 

Sarah Jones

“I love working at Stanley Pharmacy because it’s a good wholesome environment. We’re very family focused and christian oriented.”