A New Way To Simplify Your Life

Between separating your pills and keeping track of what times you take them, managing your medications can be more stressful than it should be. But with Easy Dose, your dosing becomes more than just easy. It becomes convenient and tailored to you.

How It Works

Our Easy Dose process starts when we sync your prescriptions to refill on the same day. Once this happens, your prescriptions will be on the same monthly schedule. By letting us do the work of syncing all of your prescriptions, you can think about other important things! 

Then you can pick up an easy-to-use dispenser that includes your pre-sorted medications. Inside the dispenser, all your medications are prepackaged and lists the time you take the medication each day, as well as the dosage. 

If you often forget whether or not you took your medications or at what time you took them, you now have a better way of managing it all! Think of the Easy Dose service as your very own personalized medicine manager. 

Even better, you can have it delivered! Our friendly staff will deliver your easy-to-use dispenser to your home or office each month for your convenience. This will allow you to focus on your health and well-being.